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Steven Seagal is talking about Global Nuclear Disarmament


Temaru Joins Hollywood Actor On Anti-Nuclear Energy Stage



French Polynesia President Oscar Temaru jointed Hollywood actor Steven Seagal on stage as part of an anti-nuclear energy campaign in Tokyo last Tuesday night.

Temaru's surprise visit occurred as Seagal, who is also a musician, began a worldwide concert tour to campaign in favor of alternative energies to nuclear energy, according to a communiqué from the president's communications office in Papeete.
Seagal invited Temaru on stage to address the audience in recognition of Temaru's 30-year campaign against French nuclear testing in French Polynesia, the communiqué stated.

Earlier this week, while Temaru and a delegation from Tahiti began an official visit to Japan, the Temaru government refused to participate in a French state-organized visit to the former nuclear testing site of Moruroa, a Tuamotu atoll 1,200 km (720 miles) southeast of Papeete.

At the end of Seagal's concert Tuesday night in Tokyo, he also invited on stage with him members of the O'Tahiti traditional dance group currently doing a promotion tour for Morinda, the U.S.-based company that produces Tahiti Noni using noni fruit from French Polynesia.

Seagal has created a foundation to defend the environment, using funds donated from his concerts, the communiqué stated.


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